Market leader in offshore maintenance

COP is a collaboration between four specialized maintenance companies that together offer an important part of offshore maintenance. An efficient collaboration, using widely deployable personnel, of which all activities are perfectly coordinated. With COP you have the market leader in offshore maintenance in house; Cooperating Offshore Partners BV. COP advises, saves and innovates.

Solution-oriented, safe, efficient, and experienced

COP Offshore Solutions

Platforms in the energy industry must be able to run 24/7. Turnarounds cost money. COP knows how important it is that maintenance work is efficiently planned to save time and costs. We have specialized knowledge and extensive experience in the energy industry. With our skilled and versatile staff we can coordinate projects accurately, we can accurately coordinate major maintenance projects. Offshore maintenance is dynamic. Unexpected developments can take place at any time, so quick anticipation is required. COP can act adequately in these situations and offer a suitable solution.

Balancing Cost Savings and Sustainability: The Evolving Priorities in the Offshore Sector

In this day and age, cost savings is no longer the only priority in the offshore sector. Generating optimal profitability, with permanent attention to sustainability, is becoming increasingly important. For example, efficient transport of personnel and materials to the platforms is more sustainable. It is also safer. In addition, we look at environmentally friendly conservation techniques.

The power of working as a team

COP's partners are real family businesses. Our employees show great commitment, we have short lines of communication and we attach great importance to customer loyalty. It is a win-win situation for everyone involved. “Teamwork” is the key: this allows us to retain satisfied customers with whom we can achieve long-term cooperation. We believe it is important to know our customers well, so that we can deploy the most efficient and economical solution

Below are the four logos of the participating partners. Is it possible to adjust the background, which is now white, to the background color of COP?

COP's Commitment to Family Businesses and Customer Loyalty