Isolatie combinatie bv

As a specialized company, Isolatie Combinatie supplies, designs, manufactures and installs fire-resistant, thermal and acoustic insulation solutions for onshore and offshore. This allows great flexibility. The aim is to increase reliability and safety in the industry and, where possible, ensure energy savings. The insulation systems are tailor-made and fully tailored to your process. Isolatie Combinatie is able to provide assistance during all project phases of engineering.

Multimetaal offshore bv

Multimetaal is active in engineering, fabrication, installation and maintenance in the areas of construction, pipeline development and valve care. Multimetaal is a producer and supplier of high-quality fabrication, service and maintenance in the energy and maritime sectors. Operating onshore, aboard vessels, and on offshore locations, constructing pipelines, valves, platforms, cranes and many other projects.

Steigerbouw van der Panne bv

Van der Panne has been active in scaffolding and rope access on offshore platforms for more than 35 years; they have been active in maintenance, new construction, and decommissioning. Van der Panne assembles and disassembles a safe workplace for all users. Van der Panne has a large group of technicians with all the training required for working in the offshore and wind industry.

SSB offshore bv

Steel blasting and painting company N. Bouman in Hoogeveen (SSB) has been working in metal preservation, blasting and painting for industrial purposes since 1975. In addition, SSB is also recognized and certified for industrial repairs, coatings and renovations. All activities are provided with modern equipment and sustainable products.