In recent decades, the paths of the partners affiliated with COP have crossed each other with great regularity.For example, in 2018 we jointly provided the support points of a heli deck with new conservation.Three of the four partners were involved. Van de Panne, SSB and MultimetaalThe deck had to be lifted part by part using a hydraulic application to allow the painter to carry out his work, and this took place at height, which meant that a safe workplace had to be created.In The design and construction of a lighthouse on the K12A was done in Den Helder, like so much of the prefab, it was brought to the location via the Port Off Den Helder, in 14 days the old location on the North Sea was cleared of redundant construction and the prefab has been installed, making the location visible for many years to come and ready to be entered safely every year for inspection work.The diversity within this project was extremely suitable for COPImplementation was done by two parties of the COP collaboration. SSB, Multimetal
In October 2021, Van de Panne created a safe workplace including protection against wind and water at the Uithuizen location so that Multimetaal could carry out the necessary work.
January 2024 Location L11B, removal of old exhaust and installation of new exhaust, here Van de Panne will create a safe workplace, Multimetaal will remove the exhaust and ICB will remove old insulation and after installing the new exhaust, new insulation will be installed .